The questions below may help you solve issues that you may have with your nebulizer.

Do I have to clean my nebulizer?

Open the cover of the atomizing cup and pour out all the liquid, then add enough purified water (3-6ml); press the power

button for 3 seconds, and the nebulizer will turn into cleaning mode. Release the button until the light turns into a flashing

green. The device will work automatically for 3 minutes until the purified water is exhausted.

Can I take my nebulizer on an airplane?

We recommend referencing the comprehensive list of items prohibited by TSA. Briutcare’s nebulizer contains a lithium-ion

battery which is accepted in most airlines. One of our Nebulizer’s main advantages is its portability, and we hope you

enjoy traveling with it and makes your traveling and nebulizing experience more pleasant!

How long does a charge last?

Briutcare’s Nebulizer has a charge period of 4 continuous hours. We recommend charging the device until the indicating light is green after each session.

Where do I find my Nebulizer Serial Number?

The Serial Number (SN #) is found on the back-side of the box under the penguin-shaped barcode. You will see two (2) numbers, please provide us the one indicating “SN”

My app is not working, what can I do?

  • Enable Bluetooth on your cell phone, and launch the App
  • Push ACTIVE/STAND-BY button, the indicator green light will light up and the device will start working. Put the mouthpiece flat end into the mouth, lips slightly closed or take mask slightly close to face, better to cover nose cavity and mouth together.
  • Select the button “start”, the App will link to the available Nebulizer device automatically and enter the game interface. It will show you some directions to be able to play the game. After the atomizing time has expired, you can check the game scores. Press the “Back” button on your cell phone or turn off the power button on the nebulizer, the game will be terminated and take you to another screen displaying your scores and dosage.
  • Keep calm, relax and sit well holding the nebulizer smoothly, take deep and slow breaths while enjoying your effective and fun treatment!
  • Users can adjust the nebulization rate and shut down the nebulizer through App. Click the “setting” when you enter the App, and choose between: high, medium and low by clicking “OK”

What does each color of the light on the “power” button mean?

  • Indicator light:
    • Green light on when the nebulizer works regularly
    • Flashing blue light when the battery is running out
    • Flashing green light for 3 seconds when there is no medicine detected in the atomizing cup
  • During charging:
    • Orange light on when charging regularly
    • Green light on while finishing charging
    • Flashing green light for 3 seconds when there is no medicine detected in the atomizing cup

List of common issues, troubleshooting and solutions

Please download our general list of issues by clicking here. This list should resolve leftover questions and issues you may encounter.

List of Common Issues and Solutions